Shake and shot soothing mask

Shake and shot soothing mask

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The Soothing Mask calms and repairs complexion. Contains Vitamin K3 (menadione) and a soothing botanical complex to calm irritated skin.

The innovative rubbery modeling mask penetrates skin texture more deeply than a sheet mask to deliver high-potency active ingredients. Each freshly-made mask penetrates skin surface to quickly and effectively deliver the benefits your skin needs most.


+Vitamin K3 (menadione): Comfortably restores sensitive skin with a soothing effect.
+Guava Leaf Extract: Rich in antioxidant vitamins that provide a protective, regeneration effect.
+Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: Provides an excellent cooling and soothing benefit.



    Redness & Irritation



    Vitamin K3 (menadione)
    Soothing Botanical ComplexR


  • Soothed Skin
    Reduced Redness