Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation
Sculpted second skin matte foundation Porcelain 1.0
Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation Fair 2.0
Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation Light Plus 3.5
Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation Fair Plus 2.5
Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation Medium 4.0
Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation Light 3.0
Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation Medium Plus 4.5
Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation Tan 5.0
Sculpted Second Skin Matte Foundation Rich 6.0

Sculpted Second Skin Foundation Matte

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 Your Everyday Makeup, With Benefits

This is a 100% mineral liquid foundation with medium, buildable coverage. It's oil and talc-free so perfect if you are normal to oily/sensitive skinned. Don't worry however this is not your classic drying matte, it stays radiant yet does not produce any excess oils. Second Skin gives coverage whilst letting your skin breathe and providing lots of added goodness so you can feel guilt-free when wearing it!

• Protect with SPF 50, PA+++
• Hydrate with Hyaluronic Acid
• anti-ageing & Skin Reviving with Collagen and Camomile Extract
• Skin Calming with Lavender Extract
•Skin Soothing with Aloe Vera Extract

Hypoallergenic, Non Comdegenic, No Artificial Oils, No Chemical Preservatives, No Artificial Fragrance, Anti Oxidant
Cruelty-Free & vegan Friendly 

Here is quick little guide that might help if you know your shade in a different brand and want to try second skin based on that.

Porcelain 1.0

The palest shade in the range and as you can see its a gorgeous porcelain pale with a touch of pink. 

It could be compared it to NC10 this is a bit more yellow white, NARS Mont Blanc also a bit more yellow and you could compare this to Gobi also which would be slightly darker. Estee Lauder Albatross which is paler, Charlotte Tilbury Fair 2 which is a little more pink white and Jane Iredale 1

Second Skin Fair 2.0

This shade is slightly darker than Porcelain but still a very fair neutral toned shade. It’s more yellow in colour which is perfect if you prefer that tone on you.

We have compared this to MAC NC15 which is slightly darker as its more yellow, NARS Devaille or Gobi which are very similar and Estee Lauder 1N1 which is a little warmer. Charlotte Tilbury Fair 2 is every so slightly paler and Armani 2 and 3 could equally work to match it.

Second Skin Fair Plus 2.5 

Fair plus is a warmer shade to Fair . They're both considered fair shades but fair is more yellow and plus more pink which is needed if you're a neutral or freckle pink skin.

Could be compared this to MAC NW15 which is a bit warmer so it makes it a bit darker, NARS Fiji which is more yellow, Lancome 010, Charlotte Tilbury shade 4 are both similar toned shades but not as pink and then Jane Iredale 3 which is a little white pale.

Second Skin Light 3.0

This is a light toned shade which is warmer and of a beige tone. Very popular for someone who doesn’t wear their tan too dark or likes to have a daily bit of color or someone who prefers the warmer shades.

 This to be one of our best selling shades as its the ideal light / light tan color with a subtle warmth. It could be compared  to MAC NW20 which is a little warmer so again it makes it look darker, NARS Santa Fea which is quite close and Estee Lauder 2n1 which is a similar neutral tone without as much warmth. Armani 5 suited it well but you'll find its not as pinky and then Jane Iredale 3/4 but they are a little paler.


Second Skin Light Plus 3.5 

Light Plus is a classic neutral toned shade meaning it’s neither too pink or too yellow but it is more on the neutral yellow side. This will go on any skin tone but particularly on those who prefer a yellow and like an everyday of color or those who wear medium tan and don’t want it too dark!
It’s a more neutral tone to Light as Light is a bit warmer. So if you had a pinkier undertone you would wear Light whereas if you're more neutral olive-skin Light Plus is better!

It could be compared to MAC NC20 but this is a little more yellow, NARS Punjab which is quite close and Estee Lauder 2n1 which is a little more yellow than neutral. We have included Armani 5 and 5.5 here which are very different shades but usually shades so close blend well on skins. Charlotte Tilbury 5 which is close just a little more yellow than neutral and Lancome 04 which is close just a little 

Second Skin Medium 4.0

This is a yellow tan shade for those that are like a cooler undertone or for those that wear a yellow based fake tan.

It could be compared to MAC NC25/30 which is a little more orange brown in color, NARS Stromboli which is a similar shade, Estee Lauder Tawny. Armani 6 would be considered similar but its a lot more brown. Jane Iredale 7 is a little lighter then ours and Charlotte Tilbury 6.5 slightly more yellow.

 Second Skin Medium Plus 4.5 

This is a classic tan shade but its also a warmer more golden shade to Medium.
We compared this to MAC NC37 which is a little warmer, NARS Barcelona which again is warmer and Estee Lauder Tawny so you can see the difference. Lancome 050 and Armani 6.25 seemed similar along with Charlotte Tilbury 6.75 and Jane Iredale 7 being more yellow

Second Skin Tan 5.0

This is another tanned shade that is a really neutral tone. It works on those who wear a red brown tan! This is perfect if you like a tan shade without the orange in it.

It could be compared to MAC NW30 although we knew that this would be too warm but truth be told we couldn't find a better match in MAC and NARS Barcelona but you'll see that that is warmer too. Estee Lauder 3C2 is close. This shade is definitely the most under rated its a fab tan shade!

Rich 6.0

The deepest shade which gives a gorgeous colour to the skin with an added touch of warmth.

It could be compared to MAC NW45, NW48 and NC45 to give you a good view on where the shade lies. Estee Lauder 5N1 was definitely the closest along with Charlotte Tilbury 11.5.