Products : Mask Wearing Essentials

This selection of products make wearing face covering just that little more comfortable.

Here is why:

Bronze Base - gives colour to skin that your mask can't rub off and means if you are wearing foundation that moves due to your mask is won't be just as obvious as your bronze base will be giving you colour. Added bonus it has lovely kind to skin ingredients and free buffer brush for application. 

Beauty Base - hydrates skin with Hyaluronic Acid and gives gorgeous light reflecting glow can be worn or its own or under foundation to prime the skin. 

Hydrate & Hold works a treat under your mask by helping to keep your makeup in place, protecting and replenishing your skin with Hyaluronic Acid and citrus goodness 🍋it also has antibacterial properties too. 

 AYU under eye Concealer self sets and is designed with delicate eye area in mind so it is gentle to skin and really brightens the under eye giving that I had a full night's sleep look!

Clear zap treatment is a fab product to add to  your skincare for inflamed, acne prone breakouts congestion or with scarring. Face covering tend to bring most of these conditions on at some point with prolonged wear. 

Clear Skin Treatment Serum; 
Containing prebiotics, this serum calms the microbiome and restores the healthy bacteria.
Resulting in clear skin.
Use morning and night under your moisturiser as an all over serum, can also be used on specific breakouts.

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